HeRO provides an automated, noninvasive method to detect transient decelerations and reduced baseline heart rate variability. HeRO continuously acquires, records, measures and analyzes variations in R-R Intervals, and provides ongoing display of this information.

HeRO ES integrates into iPC equipped Philips monitors. HeRO ES is the only current way to embed HeRO directly onto the patient monitor.

HeRO ES can be upgraded to HeRO Symphony in order to utilize both HeRO central monitoring and HeRO in the physiological monitor.

HeRO ES feature summary

  • Displays directly within the physiological monitor;
  • Requires no additional cables;
  • Works only on the Philips MX700 and MX800 monitor with the Philips provided iPC;
  • Requires that the Philips MX700 or MX800 monitor is equipped with the iPC option;
  • Is sold through MPSC and its distributors.  The iPC is sold by Philips;
  • Optionally, HeRO ES can be enhanced to integrate with HeRO Symphony, thereby offering central monitoring and electronic medical record export through HL7.

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For your reference we have a literature list available at: HeRo Score